Free Range Shih Tzus

Healthy Dogs

HOME GROWN Grass-fed Shih Tzu – just kidding LOL.

However they are as close to natural as you can get and extra healthy as they have lots of room to roam on a 10 acre hobby farm, eat a low ingredient, High quality diet (which includes free-range eggs from our own chickens) and, occasionally grass – if they want ;). Jenny happens to have a doctorate in Naturopathy (natural healing) and has experience in detoxing puppies (from a puppy mill) back to health that vets had previously given up on and had suggested euthanizing.

Every animal that comes to, or is born on, the hobby farm becomes part of the family and we all run around in a little unlikely herd of dogs, cats, guineas, chickens, and humans. We have been blessed with the opportunity to steward a beautiful piece of God’s land and to shepherd a mixed flock and keep it safe.

About Us

These babies are raised in home with mom and dad. All Shih Tzus are socialized with chickens, guineas, cats, other dogs, and are held, played with and cuddled daily. The puppies are also socialized with people (when age appropriate), since we run an airbnb on property that guests love to vacation at to get out in nature. Everyone goes outside and runs in a little fur (and feather) herd. Outdoor Potty training begins at 4 1/2 weeks no matter the weather. Our Shih Tzus live a better than average life on 10 acres next to a beautiful creek, eat a low ingredient, high quality diet, and get plenty of attention and affection. We raised our kids in a nice subdivision in west county,
MO, then decided to re-write our lives when they moved out, to some land on the water where our little farm animals are now our babies. We are happy to chat and provide pictures. $500 deposit to hold- 636. 744.9800 for payment options. Balance in cash at pick up. We do not ship. Meeting in the middle/ Delivery and/or Puppy flight nanny available at additional fee, or you are welcome to come to the farm for in person pick up.

We raise pre-spoiled, hypo-allergenic, registered Prue-bred Shih Tzu puppies to be fur-family members in loving homes and occasionally for other small hobby breeders.

What sets us apart?

We raise this hypo-allergenic breed because we absolutely LOVE SHIH TZUs (they’re like potato chips – can’t have just one, well, you can, but two or more is such fun!:) And because they have hair (not fur like a regular dog), even people with allergies can enjoy the love of a Shih Tzu 🙂 In addition to breeding for healthy genetics, we also specialize in the darker colored coat Shih Tzu (so they don’t fade out to buff/white – nothing wrong with this, as the lighter ones are expected to do so, and is standard in the breed, we just happen to prefer a little more coloring in the adult coat)

Available Puppies

(4 females – all black, and 1 male – brown)Two litters are now available. Litter One puppies will be ready to go home on July 7th (1 female – brown with black mask, and 3 males – 2 tricolor and 1 black). Litter Two puppies will be ready to go home on August 2nd (4 females – all black, and 1 male – brown).

Pictures Coming Soon!

“There is No substitute for a ‘right minded’ animal”

Black Boy/White Bib

Born May 13, 2023

Tri Boy 2

Born May 13, 2023

Brown Girl with Black Mask

Born May 13, 2023

Tri Boy 1

Born May 13, 2023

In the nursery

One more of nursery babies

Sold Puppies

Boy liver

Boy White Haze

Girl 4 – dot


Finn Papa

Gracie Mama

Paisley Parent